DJ Entertainment Is Important For Your Wedding and Should Be Budgeted For...

May 19, 2021

"Almost 100% of couples said they would have spent more of their budget on entertainment."

"Within one week after their reception, 78% of couples say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority."

"When asked, 81% of guest say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment. "

                                                         Source: THEKNOT.COM

Think of your wedding DJ as the captain of a ship which in this case is your wedding.

They are the ones that dictate the mood and energy of your wedding; DJs keep
your guests entertained and engaged through amazing music that they know will best
flow with the vibe of your wedding.

DJs keep the flow of music nonstop, thereby making people present at the venue
feel the celebratory nature of your wedding. They work on mixing different genres of
music and beats together to create the perfect match for you and your guests. Whether you are
walking down the aisle or about to make your reception entrance, the DJ is there to
ensure the continuity of the tempo and mood. 

Yes, DJs can also be very helpful in keeping your guests controlled by making timely
announcements. Some DJs like our company also
help you to plan your big day by focusing on design, lighting, and sound check or media,
the aim is to create a generally good ambiance that makes you see that day of your dreams come true!

No one can string good music together as a professional wedding DJ would- they work
with you to review your taste in music and the mood that you, as the newly wedded
would want to portray.

Okay, I now understand what DJs do but why should I consider them important for
my wedding?

If you are here still thinking that all that a DJ is about for your wedding is to play music,
then you should take a quick look at the previous points made. Most people have
undermined the importance of having a professional DJ at their weddings and some
would pick a close pal of theirs to come up with a playlist and have their way on such an
important day, the end result is almost always a great deal of disappointment and the
obvious lack of a packed dance floor and celebrations that weddings are known for.

These are some of the reasons you should take DJ entertainment seriously for your wedding:

1. If you are looking to have a properly coordinated wedding, then a professional DJ
should not be off your list. This is because DJs know the importance of keeping
your event as smooth as it can be, they know when to let people take a break from
dancing and focus on you as the couple.They know how best to work closely with
the other people involved in your wedding planning so that the important elements
of your big day are not ignored.

2. Who else would know how to get everyone moving their bodies if not a good DJ?
Music is very important at your wedding and good DJs are skilled in getting
everyone on the same page.

3. Your wedding reception entrance should bang and only professional DJs know the
best beat mix to herald your welcome of your loved ones. I am sure
that you would not want to miss out on an opportunity to SHINE as you
enter for the reception.

4. Wedding DJs take time before the wedding to organize a schedule for the music to
be played, work with you to create a playlist that would include your favorite songs and special
renditions for specific moments in the wedding, you should not lose this.

5. You will agree with me that background music is necessary for any wedding, well
this is why you should make a budget for a professional DJ that will give you and
your guest amazing music which will be the build-up for the romantic feel of such
a big day.

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