All You Need To Know About Uplighting...

May 20, 2021

What is uplighting?

Without boring you with technical terms, we can define uplighting as when event lighting is used to put more focus and glow on particular areas of your wedding venue. Various points in your event hall are accentuated with these lightings in a effort to creating a wedding ambiance that would assist the decorations and even the DJ. These special lights are deeply planted on the floor so that can project the reflection in an upward position.

Do you remember the last wedding that you attended, the one where a section of the room had different lighting effects especially for the couples’ dance? What you have witnessed is known as DJ uplighting- this is a style used by DJs to dim in the light on the couple when they want to dance, the light is rotated, depending on the song being played at the moment.

There are different uplighting colors used for weddings but the common ones are blue, amber, red, purple, and magenta. Depending on the arrangements made with the planner, you can decide to spice things up by mixing colors as you wish.

Why is Uplighting important?

We are not saying that all weddings should have an uplighting done since you must have had an idea of the kind of ambiance you are looking for. However,it has been shown that uplighting does add its own little magic to a wedding event, here are some of the reasons you should consider wedding uplighting: 

  • Uplighting helps to bring the floral and entire wedding decor to life by accentuating the true beauty of the wedding location.
  • Uplighting can add aura and also contribute to the mood of everyone present.
  • Uplighting is a governing force that can dictate the energy of the event.
  • Uplighting does a great job at highlighting the important parts of the wedding like the dance floor or location of the cake.
  • Uplighting makes the work of photographers easier by giving them the needed elements for stunning photos.


Types of uplighting that you should focus on for your wedding

Basically, there are certain areas that you consider when making plans for wedding uplighting, some of these areas are as follow:

1.   The Aisle

I am sure that we will all agree that every bride wants full attention to herself on her big day, where else would she get that if not for the tons of eyes that would stare at her walking down the aisle? Uplighting this area would not only be romantic and stunning; it would also help in showing the importance of the event.


2.   The dance floors

Uplighting this area would definitely create a fun mood for you and your guests, with the combination of your DJ dishing out good music in tune with the lighting used, you will definitely be proud of your big day and loosen out.


3.            The Dinner

What is a wedding without food? The lighting in this area would be structured and celebratory in a way that reveals the true beauty of the decor and floral.


Situations that might not call for a wedding uplighting 

As important as wedding uplighting suggests, there are times that you might need to cut down on expenses or even have a venue that needs little or no uplighting. This is why it is important to put all of these into consideration before going ahead with uplighting, some of the reasons you might not need wedding uplighting are:

  • When you are having a daylit event- the essence of uplighting is for it to put attention on something and mostly works when the venue is dimly lit. You do not need to waste money on uplighting when the sun is there to give you all the lights that you need.
  • When your wedding venue already makes provision for lighting- you really do not need to make additional provisions for uplighting if the venue you are using has made provisions for such.
  • When you want an outdoor wedding- Except that you are really bent on creating a romantic atmosphere or have plans with the DJ for your wedding dance, an outdoor wedding does not really require that you do an uplighting.


When must I have wedding uplighting?

Since you now know that wedding uplighting can be avoided in certain situations, it will be interesting for us to point out that there are times when it is almost impossible for couples to do away with uplighting for their wedding event. 

You might have picked a location for your wedding out of sentiments,good location, central to where guests would be coming from, spacious and fantastic cut down on price but something is missing- that venue is one that needs a facelift. Instead of losing out on this good deal that you have found for your wedding, you can do a complete makeover through uplighting. The most important places will be accentuated and even you might be surprised at the beauty that would stare back at you on your big day. 

Another reason you might want to consider uplighting is when your location is in a familiar or historic place that would stand out amazingly well the lights are positioned in the right places.

As you are making plans for your wedding uplighting, do not forget to work with important people like the DJ and event decorator in order to know where the focus will be. Enjoy the beautiful scenery that awaits you on your wedding day.

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